Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

My Problematic Puggle of Ill Repute

Like a 2 year old, when a puggle is quiet... LOOK OUT! I should have known, after all... he's one year old now. I know the signs and symptoms of trouble. And yet.. I allowed myself to get distracted.

I was on my computer, writing. I had just gone bra shopping. I hate bra shopping. But that's an aside. No.. not really. It's relevant. After all... if you are over a size 36 B, bra shopping becomes one of the most relevant things you can do as a woman. You think a Pug is problematic? sigh. Bra shopping should be outlawed for those of us that are larger than 36B. Ok... so I'd spent a stressful hour or so shopping for a couple of bras. It becomes problematic because NO, I don't want to wear a sweater-sized bra. I am, apparently called "Blessed" in this department. I say *apparently* because it MUST be a man that says this. No woman in her right mind calls large breasts a blessing. I'm checking out the women on the packaging, and no, I don't end up looking like any of them. How is it that a skinny assed woman with an A cup, is posing on the cover of my *endowed* bra packaging? Who do they think they're fooling? Of course, the only sexy bras come in sizes meant for boys or B cup and under. The rest of us are meant to cover up in granny undies I guess. And hey! I DO so appreciate the ones that ARE my size, but one question? Why exactly do you assume I want MORE padding than I've already got? To all you bra manufacturers... Don't pad a bra that is D cup or larger. It's just wrong. And don'tcha just love the straps on those larger sized bras? Are they straps? Or sleeves?

Anyway... back to quiet Beauregard, my pugnacious problematic Puggle... I was stressed over my bra shopping, and quietening myself down with writing on my computer. I'd placed my bag with 2 lovely and delicate bras on the floor beside me. Yes, they were the only 2 delicate bras in existence for my size... so I need to take care of them. Suddenly the quiet got to me and I screwed up my face to listen. "What is that sound? Hmmm... it's the ABSENCE of sound!! THAT is a problem." My mind immediately goes to Beauregard, I look down and find my bag is empty, with one bra across the floor, and one missing. OH NO. PLEASE don't tell me that I'll have to repeat today's horrible shopping excursion AGAIN already!!!!! I jumped up and ran... well as best as I could... and stopped in the next room at this site...

What is tightly wrapped around that little body? He's looking at me with an expression of NO. You can't have it! It's MINE. He's now backing up, and I grab my handy camera beside the chair, and snap. Cuz... I'm a scrapbooker first.. and a worrier second. That's the law of scrapbooking 101. As I approach him, he continues to back up. I bark out an order to him, and he's now affronted, and sending a slight growl. One that shows his displeasure without getting him into too much trouble. I get nearer, and see that... NO it's not draped on his body. It's securely FASTENED onto his body. How exactly did he do this? ...










Never let silence reign with a puggle. It's gonna be bad. Thankfully, my bra lived to tell the tale. And I don't have to go shopping again.

A New Layout!

Here's a layout I did up last night, of my son Dana in Panama.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009


I hate Mondays. I just need to say that before I get more cheery in this blog post. I hate the entire thing. Here I sit, at my desk, and I wish I were home. I wish that the stresses of work life were not mine to enure. I wish I could be filling my time, my space, my head, with *home* things... and not *work* things. I wish.

I did some new layouts.
I like these pictures. They have great memories. The layout.. Clifford... Dana loved his Clifford books, so meeting him was so fun for Dana. LOL The layout "The Gift of Service".. I love that one. It's got two pictures... Dana receiving a service award in Grade 6... and then again, in Grade 11. If you look close, you can see how similar his smiles are. So fun. I love seeing that.


Where Gary Goes....
Beauregard Follows................................
Here's Gary... laying in the sun, enjoying the rays. But... where's Beauregard? Surely he's somewhere close to Gary? He wouldn't let Gary go somewhere and not be with him!
Let's look a little closer.....

There's the pugnatious puggle himself!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

My 16 Year Old's Father's Day Card to his dad?

The front of the card has a disshevelled cartoon of a man on it, with the words

the inside read...


LOLOLOLOLOL I laughed and laughed

Working from Home todaY!
You just can't beat it. I'm thinking that I would like to work one or two days a week. The rest of my week would be spent taking care of my home... my family... my life. Not necessarily in that order... but you get the point!

My days are structured so differently... They sound similar in theory.. but the *FEEL* so different to me.

So it occurs to me. Much of what we do, or must do... or even want to do.. is all about attitude. How we FEEL about doing something, colours how we do it. And the attitude that we bring to our daily grind, helps it to be a good day... or a bad one. I think that's why some people are just miserable all the time, regardless of how life is at that moment. They aren't choosing to be something else.
And why some people.. .regardless of how crappy their life may appear to be going.... still find joy to be had. They've chosen to be happy. I wonder how long it would take to change from one way to another? For instance... I'm a writer. I've always been the kind of person that personifies the maudlin writer. The pessimist. The downtrodden. Oh, I can smile and laugh with the best of them.. but I'm never quite so happy, as when I'm slightly miserable. I am at my most creative, when I'm feeling somewhat downtrodden.

How about you? Are you the natural joy seeker? Or do you see the sad in the face of your daily grind?

1. My workday
2. My home from work day
3. My weekend day

1. Workday..
Get up... 5:30am
... Do stuff downstairs
...Get dressed and ready while hubby walks Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need
...Go to the office with hubby, sometimes after taking son to school because he's carrying too much, or has camera equipment, or whatever
...Get to office, make coffee, feed dog (he comes to work with us)
... sit at desk, get to work
...walk dog 4 or 5 times throughout workday... 10 min or so each time
... no lunch
...head home
...make dinner
...do dishes
...do a quick clean
...spend time with family
...head into basement to work on laundry and scrapbooking
...bed by 1:30 ish

2. Home from Work Day
... up around 6:30am
... walk Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need, around 7:45 or 8:00 am
... Home by 9:15am
...worry about the office, and not being there
... Dishes...
... chores
...worry that I'm not in the office.. and about what's going on in the office
... work that needs to be done, is done now.. and throughout day.. and sent back to office
... write my book during free periods
... walk dog around noon for 40 min
...worry more about what needs doing for the office, and what's happening at the office
... walk dog around 3:30 for 1/2 hour
... make dinner
... clean up after dinner
... rest of night is the same

3. Weekend
...Get up 6:00am
...walk dog around 7:45 to 8:00 am..
...home by 9:15
...drink coffee hubby has gone and gotten from Tim Horton's... or go for breakfast
...run around
...more running around
...see a show if there is one on
...more running around
...lots more Beau walking
... write write write
... scrapbook
... no stress

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Rest In Peace

It's crazy. One minute, you are resting in the fact that life is even keel.. and the next second, you are thrown so far left, that you are unsure of absolutely anything and it's place in life at this given moment in time. One week ago, at the Celtic Awards of Distinction night, we were at my son's school for him to be presented with an award of distinction. We had much to be proud of. Another little girl (14) was getting an award that night as well. She is a diver of some note.;.. headed for the olympics. She was 4th in Canada right now, and she was being recognized for that accomplishment. As she stood in front of our table, we marvelled at how fit and beautiful she was. We marvelled at how she had it all... looks, charm, good family, attitude, athleticism, drive. The whole package.

One week later, to the day... Tuesday, June 16th, I receive the call from my son. He sounds horrible. He sounds unexpectedly quite, hesitant, and still. There was a horrible, awful accident. This beautiful girl was in gym class, and went to use the bathroom at the city park where they were playing ball... and the wall of this 4 year old structure fell... on top of her. Students ran to try and pull the rocks off of her. The ambulance came. They did what they could. She was gone within the hour. It was the second last day of school, and the student and staff are left devastated. They are scrambling to make sense of it. Students who should have been loud and gregarious and excited, were left wandering around quietly... trying to regain their footing, while the grief counsellors tried to help the best way they could. It shouldn't happen that way. This week, I've been hugging my son more than usual. I pray for the family of Isabel Warren, and ask for your prayers as well.

Here is the story.


On a more upbeat note... check out this blog for some blog candy You won't be sorry!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

I got a giftie in the mail!!!!

My camera isn't working, or I'd love to take a picture! I got some beautiful paper and chipboard for a couple books, a fab book I'm already reading just an hour after receiving it... (it's called Sarah's Key), and a super canvas bag, with the cutest owl in a tree, and the saying... (Be the change you wish to see in the world) ... I got it from Audrey Neal. I'm so happy. It's been a tough week... so this just couldn't have come at a better time!

Thanks Audrey. You're awesome! Truly!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, to the Greatest Husband Ever!!!

Fifty years old! That sounds so old, but you're so young! How is it that that age applies to you? Where did the years go? I have been lucky enough to be with you since I was 18 years old. That was 28 years ago. You were 22 at the time... and not nearly as amazing as you are now. You were fantastic... but you have definitely aged well. Life has fine tuned you, and crafted you into a gentleman, a gentle man, a kind man, a man of character and integrity. You have been the awesomest of husbands, and the most perfect of all fathers. I cannot believe my good fortune. That God has seen fit to give me everything I ever wanted, and even those things I didn't know I wanted... makes me feel so blessed and so incredibly happy.

The world is a much better place with you in it, Gary. I wish you Happy 50th Birthday, with all my love.
Love, Sandie

A New Layout!
SO... last night, I did up a layout of Gary. I was feeling melancholy. Here is a layout of a man I consider to be The Sweetest of All.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 3, 2009

Air France Disaster

It's odd when these things hit close to home. The one and only Canadian that was on the plane, is Brad Clemes. Brad is my husband's age... 49. And he's in marketing... like my husband. And, oh yeah... we've known his Mom for 22 years. And she works in the office beside us, as well... coincidently enough. When we got the calls from some other friends, telling us who it was... it made me numb. Like... Are you kidding me? Here one minute... gone the very next. And in such a way. I offer prayers up to all those who lost a loved one in the Air France disaster. God Bless Brad. God Bless his Mom, Noreen. God Bless his family, and his brothers... and especially his sons.

My Son, the MC

Once again, Dana was invited to MC at the RiverRun Centre, here in Guelph. It was a large music show. So much talent out there, it's crazy. As part of his MCing, he took part in some skits, had some fun... and did what he loves to do... talk in front of an audience. LOL My camera wasn't working (what's new?). So my photos suck. However.. here he is. My baby.


I did some more layouts. I need a kick in the pants. i need inspiration. I need motivation. I need to do something different. I need to TAKE a class. I need to TEACH a class. Ugh. I still need to find a home to hang in. Lots of needs eh?

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

It's COLD!
I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's bloody JUNE FIRST, for goodness sake. I'm freezing. Geez. And it doesn't matter that I'm at the office... I still have to be out there off and on all day long. We can't forget Beauregard, the problematic puggle of perpetual peeing. He lovely as he lays under my desk right now... but he becomes frequently needy, and out we go. Oh well. One of the joys of having a dog. Speaking of which...

My Kato
I bought a new movie yesterday.. and watched it while I worked in my scrap room last night. It's called "Marley and Me", and I haven't sobbed that much at a movie, since I watched Old Yeller years ago. I do own the movie... but I'll never watch it again. It drained me. I used to own a dog... Kato. We had to put him down when he was 13. It nearly destroyed us. During the part that they put this dog down, and he closes his eyes. I remembered Kato, as we did the same thing. So I wanted to post a picture of my beautiful Kato, that came before Beauregard. Kato was everything Beau is not. He was large. He was sweet, and didn't have a self serving bone in his body. He lived to please us. He lived to love us. He was unspeakably wonderful. I'm going to do a layout, or a large hanging frame of Kato. I'll post it when I get it done.


A layout...

Here is a layout of Dana and the girl he took to her prom. Her name is Julia. Don't they look great? The photo doesn't show how purple her dress is, and his shirt is. They're a very beautiful and vibrant purple.
Last, but Not Least..... A New Sketch