Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30

Time Gone By
Layout: The Author of my Dreams
This picture is of me years and years ago. I had time to kill, at work. I was the manager/photographer at a portrait studio, and was sitting around snapping photos of myself. I was reading a Harlequin romance at the time. I must have read thousands of those books. All the time... non stop.. and my dream at the time was to write one. Yes, I've written over the years... but never my *harlequin romance*. I have one that is half written, and I've decided to do the unthinkable, and actually FINISH my harlequin romance. I mean.. hey... the satisfaction alone should be worth it, right? Of course, it will take time away from all my other things right now... including the office, and my cleaning.. but why not! The only things it won't interfere with are 1. family 2. scrapbooking 3. my other writing. So many years have passed. I hate that I have not fulfilled one of my dreams. I hate that I stopped before I started. I can take trying and failing. But not trying? Ugh. Wasted time. Wasted. Is there a uglier word? When I look at that picture I am struck by that younger woman. The one who felt sure she could write this novel... and stopped trying. Regrets are a terrible thing. No more regrets. As I said... I'd rather fail. Now, the only thing I need to find... is time.
Here is a sketch I did for you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009


Outside of our office is a fair bit of greenspace, including a creek. Beautiful flowing water, magnificent trees, and open spaces. That means that it is also a home to a pair of Canada geese. Each year, these geese return around the same time. Sometimes you find them pregnant and with goslings... sometimes not. This year... I only saw one for quite awhile. She/he was making so much noise, and I was so sad to not see his/her mate. They are monogomous creatures, and will often mate for life. Now I've noticed... they are together again. The two of them. I know it sounds silly... but I'm just thrilled. Nobody likes to see someone alone. There is no frantic noise or hasty movements. They are quiet and content up on our roof. Overlooking their domain, together. sigh. It is as it should be. Notice the dreary, rainy day though. Ugh
Speaking of couples, and pairing together... and comfort etc... Beauregard and the cats (Disney and Jaguar) have interesting relationships. Jaguar and Beau, (the orange cat)... like to chase each other, wrestle, and then sleep on our bed together. Disney and Beau will walk around each other, and try to come to terms with each's existence. They can be found together, only during those times where they both want me. Hence the picture here. They both want to sit with me, and they're waiting to be *chosen*. Funny animals. Can't imagine our lives without these 3. They have such personality. Each, so different from the others. The worst part of animals, of course, is when they get sick, and die. Heartbreaking. They're such a part of the family

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

My Weekend.

I cleaned this weekend. What is it about Spring, that causes an otherwise sane woman to suddenly feel a desire... no... desire doesn't cut it... COMPELLED... to start spring cleaning? One minute I was a perfectly sensible woman, with a plan. Not much of a plan. But it involved doing something fun. A movie... shopping... whatever. Instead, what did I find myself doing? cleaning. Hitting my basement... the pit of all that is despairing, and trying to regain order and control. It wasn't nice.

I still found time to scrap. Of course. Here are a few of my latest... I love this picture of Dana and I, when he was 7 weeks old. I was so pale. The pic is untouched. Yeowy. The other layout was at Cinderella's Castle. Dana had gone out for Halloween the night before, as Peter Pan... and here he was having breakfast with him the very next morning. A very happy boy. There's nothing like the magic that is DisneyWorld.

A Sketch

Another attempt at a paltry sketch. Hope someone is getting some use out of these. If you do use one of my sketches, I'd appreciate you linking back to it. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

And the Winner is............
I drew a name. I'm at the office, and silly person that I am, I forgot my camera. However... I did honestly draw a name... all fair and square, and stuff. First of all.. thanks so much for helping me with my blog links. If you haven't already done so, please let me know your favourite blogs to visit. I'll add them to mine.
Now... without further ado... the name I drew? Hailey! So Hailey... if you will just email me your address, etc. *Where in the world is Hailey?...I'll get a little something vintage in the mail to you on Monday. :)
A Book, A Series, A Good Time!

A book! I just finished a GREAT book. I came into the whole *Twilight* thing later than most.. but I'm so hooked. I just finished book 2... "New Moon". OMG it was good. I absolutely LOVED it, and can't wait to get the next one in the series. Eclipse! I don't read as much since I started to scrap. I scrap in all of my spare time. But I have to say... this series is drawing me away for a little bit.
It's New, It causes more work... but it's so good.....

New Washer and Dryer! Here it is! I love it. I was up until all hours of the night, washing and drying clothes. (had a lot to catch up on). They are front-loading. My other ones were 20 years old or so... so they were not! What a difference! You can't even hear them running when you're in the same room. The clothes come out of the washer, pretty much completely dry. And it uses almost no water. Very good, sound purchase!

Cards. Why do I suck at making cards?
It's like a brain meltdown each and every time I go to make them. Those of you who make cards... do you draw from the same inspiration that you do layouts and altered goods? Does it just come naturally to you? I'd love to know.
Another Sketch

I thought I'd shake things up a bit with a circle sketch. i promise that I will get better at these sketches, and start adding some more innovative things to them. One step at a time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009

I Can't Help But Wonder
I was feeling melancholy last night. My son is 16. SIXTEEN! What does that mean? It means that the little boy who gave me very little time for ME... now gives me far too much. He is off doing his own thing. He is busy. Very involved with school. Very many friends. Part-time job. Volunteer positions. Student Senate Executive.
All good things. I'm proud of these things. But it means more time away from us. That *away time* becomes like missing church on Sunday. It feeds itself, so that it becomes easier to not spend time together. And ok... I'll admit it. I miss him. Do I miss that teenager attitude? NO. Of course not. But... I miss hanging with my little boy. I remember thinking about this when he was little. I remember feeling unable to hold the thought for long, because it made me so sad. I worried and fretted that this would one day be here. And... here it is. This is much better than the alternative... of him not being here at all! But it's not an either/or thing. It's a wish for days gone by. It's a wish for that little boy who thought Mommy was the bestest person in the world. That little boy who maintained that one day he would change his name to Bobby Brown, so he could marry his mommy. LOL :D
If you have a little one at your side, and you're feeling like you could sure use some Me time... think about me today... and grab them close. They grow up so fast.
Here's a layout I did on a picture I had of him from last year. Also... I did up a sketch for you guys. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paper Trunk Blog Crop


Hey guys. I wanted to point out that Paper Trunk is having a Blog Crop, from now until May 2nd. You do not want to miss out on this. There are prizes, games, challenges, and fun. Go and check it out! Each day, one of theDesign Team will be posting a challenge to play. You'll have a great time! And I'll see ya there! :)

Just follow THIS link....

April 22

There Should Be A Law!

It's an odd day today. First of all.. I'm home from work. When I can, I've decided to take Wednesday's off. To take control of this barn I live in. No.. that's insulting to the poor animals out there, who actually DO live in a barn... and take care of it. No... words leave me, when it comes to describing this hovel. We need to find order in this chaos. And we need to find it now. I got up early, and walked Beauregard. Why? Hubby left town for a big appointment, early early. Which left Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need, needing me. So... I headed out first.. to get coffee. (we haven't bothered to replace our coffee pot yet.) I came home to find the pup permanently placed in his spot, ready to be holstered and hitched for his walk... attached him to his leash... or, what we've affectionately dubbed... his thinking machine... and out the door we went. Yeah.. *thinking machine*? Beautiful Beauregard, has no concept of danger. Or of peeing in a straight line AWAY from his body... but that's a whole other ball... which will require photos and instruction on the anatomy of a puggle... but I digress... He will walk out in front of traffic, without a care in the world. As he bobs his Beauregard head out of the car window, one must hang on tight, cuz, yeah... he'll leap right out of there too. Doesn't matter how fast a clip, you have said car going. I've personally caught him mid-air. Anyway... Out the door we headed... into the lovely world of mist, smelly mud, a park that the city loves to espouse as all natural beauty...(IOW... let grow as nature intended... or as us thinking folk say... low maintenance with lots of poor water drainage, and animals running amock)... rain.. and... yeah.. I did say rain. Cold, drizzly, wet, water from the sky. On me? It is cold, wet, drizzly, and yucky. On Beauregard? It's a reason to smell... and a reason to shake, rattle, and roll the water from his body onto... yep.. me again. By the time he'd sniffed and snorted his way around the pathways, I was soaked, and yet he managed to drain most of the water off of his back onto mine... remaining mostly dry... but smelly. (Nothing like the warm, musty smell of a dog covered in mud and rain... even when he does manage to shake some off. However.. he did do his job like a good Beauregard does... and home we came. Warmth. ah. Never underestimate the lure of a warm home, when coming in out of the rain. Can't be beat.

I took a quick pic of the needy beast... and can't you just see the smug look, as he plays all innocent? He knows he has me. He tosses me a quick kiss, and heads on up to lay on our bed... smelly, damp fur and all. That's where you'll find him now. Sprawled on his back.. 4 legs going in various directions... happy in the knowlege that all is right in his world. Makes me wonder what makes MY world all right? What happens in my world that causes me to sprawl out, content, happy, worry free? I seriously need to think about that one. How about you?

Here's a layout that I did.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

I Didn't Forget!

Yeah.. so first of all.. I didn't forget about the RAK! I've picked up a couple of things! I'm going to give it a couple more days, to see if I get any others in (For those just reading this.. please check out my short survey below, for chance at RAK)...

Yesterday was a crunch day... so I didn't get my blog done. Sorry about that. I fully intend on making this a priority.

SO... that being said... I did a couple of layouts. I need somem critique on my work. I want to progress in my scrapbooking.... so I need some help. I think I'll start taking classes. And what do they say? If you want to BE great... be with great people?
Anyway... here are a couple of layouts I did these past few days.

Here's a Sketch that I did up for you, as well...

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17, 2009

Home From Work
Ahhhh. It's Friday. I *should* be at work... but I'm not. I'm letting a little tummy ache allow me the luxury of staying home. Staying home and what, you ask? Cleaning... of course. Cuz when you're a working woman... time is a luxury you can't afford to waste, when it comes to cleaning your house. I used to be at home all the time! Working as a homemaker. Nice.

I loved being a stay-at-home Mom. I rarely craved the company of adult conversation, over and above what I was getting. I was content. Joyful in the process of caring for my family, and my home. Now? I find the joy. The joy is in helping my family in a different way. It's all good. But it's an adjustment.

Now... as the owner of said company... (well.. the WIFE of the big boss/owner)... I do have the luxury of staying home. I also lose the luxury of staying home. It's a dicotomy. When business needs to get done... the buck stops with us. Whereas an employee can say "yeah, it needs to get done.. but I need time off for sickness... or vacation." hmmm. again... Nice

If you're popping by today... I'd love it if you read the last post, and comment. I'd love to know your opinions. I want to put some fun stuff up on my blog. Some *opinion* links... And there is an RAK involved. So.. come on. I've already picked up some antique lace. Some antique buttons (very nice). So... what do ya say:
I thought I'd do something crazy, and post a few layouts I've done in the past little bit. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009

A Survey for you.



So... I need to fix up my blog. I want to start... just START... by adding some fun links. I want to get some inspiration links up. Some great video links... some great KIT links. You name it...

So... If you are into the Scrapbooking world... can you help me out here! Let me know about the hidden gems out there that you love. Can you either answer my survey here... or just post one or two of your favourite links you think I should post here on my blog!

Thanks! :) As a thank you... I'll send someone a little package of some vintage stuff I'm going to go hunting for. Haven't gone yet... but I want to go for me... so I'll just grab some extras!!!

1. Where are your three (3) favourite scrapbooking forums to visit?

2. Where are your three (3) favourite NON-scrapbooking forums to visit?

3. What are your three (3) favourite Kit Clubs that you either receive, or would LOVE to receive?

4. What are your three (3) favourite places to go to for Scrapbooking videos?

5. Where are the three (3) top blogs you must read?

6. Any links that I've not asked for, that you think would benefit people to have? This can be either scrapbook related, or not.

7. What scrapbooking *celeb* has a very inspiring blog that you always visit?

8. What scrapbooker out there... totally unknown... do you think is on her way up, and should be watched?
Here's a little sketch I did up, for your enjoyment today!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

(the problematic puggle of perpetual need)

I've had to do it. I've had to remove his *friend* from the large mixture of playthings that Beau enjoys in his stash. This particular friend is multi toned tan and brown, furry, cute... and stuffed. Unfortunately, it is also the source of immense enjoyment for Beauregard. He looks upon this particularly large stuffed dog, as his personal, very close friend. Do I need to go on? Beau is fixed. I believe in being responsible with my animals. If I'm not breeding, I have them spayed or neutered. And yet... still... with this one particular large stuffed dog... Beau gets very excited about their friendship. And when he does? It doesn't go away so well. Picture it! So.. there I am... at the office.. sitting at my desk, trying to put out morning fires... when I notice that Beauregard is standing, unmoving, in the middle of the office. he is slightly hunched, staring at me with a look of pleading, confusion... and not just a little cavalier jaunt. I stared, trying to figure out what was wrong with my honey, when I noticed something large, ungainly, and dare I say it... out of place on such a small body... and I knew. What followed... was me running my dog to the washroom, trying to splash cold water on his wee wee, him.. confused.. unfinished... protruding... and looking for his *friend*. The sheer indignity of it! The expression he gets on his face is outstanding. Of course... it's tough to concentrate on his face at this given moment. And people... if present... are staring. Laughing... staring... no... gawking... and thanking whatever God they believe in, that it's not them, running with this pugnacious puggle with the prodruding part... trying to *make it go away*.

Yes. His friend is now stuffed in the closet. I think we'll send him away when Beauregard isn't looking. We'll see if we can make it happen. Right now.. Beau is planted on his Daddy's knee, looking less than pleased with whatever has happened this morning. And with the loss of his *special friend*. Not to mention ... the loss of his *special friend*. :P

Now perhaps... I can work? My dejected puggle can just learn to get along with his less arousing playmates. Froggy, Monkey, or Binky. But he is wearing a woe-begone expression right now.

Another Sketch (cuz I need the practice)
... and I enjoy doing them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Teens, Holidays, and That Whole Da*n thing

Easter Sunday was not what it used to be. Oh sure... we got up and went to Mass. My son (16 year old, GREAT child, with an EQUALLY great.. (as in massive) attitude, gets up earlier than usual to get his stash. Hubby walked the dog as usual. Me? I was up at usual 5:30ish. Easter Bunny left his *due* on the Kitchen table, cuz Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need skulks about in the night, for deserted yummies he can manage to wriggle off of someplace he can actually get to. And he can get to the sofa. With a giant leap! But still... that means no chocolate can go there. But still... I digress. I mean.. would YOU trust this face???

My Easter. The Teen. That whole darn thing. Gone are the days of excitement... bunny paws... fun little presents that cost very little, but have big rewards... and new Easter outfits and pictures. My son wakes up and his hair isn't quite right... so pictures? Expect a scowl. And MOM... PLEASE... do we really need another picture of me? ahem.

Well, um... yeah.

Still... the bunny came... brought him cologne, (some soccer player smelly stuff)... and a DVD of Season 4 of Two and a Half Men... a family favourite. As I'd already said.. no dinner, cuz he had to work. :( But... we did enjoy our brunch. I picked him up at 11pm last night.. from work. He brought me a coffee (he usually does)... and a yogurt for himself. And we went home. Me? I headed back into the dungeon.. er.. scraproom...and he stayed in the livingroom watching his new DVD. Ok.. so that part is the same. He was wearing his new cologne, and watching his new DVD. He must use his new stash on day one. That part makes me feel like.. even though he tells me he's grown up. He's still my boy. He still has those basic instincts about himself that are still present. It's not a matter of losing the fun, when they are older. It's about finding it in other places. My fun can definitely be found in his sweetness. His kindness. His volunteer hours. Hard work. And in the hugs he still gives me before heading up to bed.

When I think back to *those good old days*... all the things I miss about my *baby*... I am left with one very sure thought. If I could have my baby back, in place of my 16 year old? Not in a million years. I miss him when he's at work! At school! I can't imagine not having him around.. or at least to chat with. He's pure gold... no matter what age he is.

And at the end of the day... I still have my fur babies that love me like little ones do. Well... 2 out of 3 do. The other cat much prefers my son Dana. Nobody else. Just him. And the other animals, of course. But Disney and Beauregard? They ... like typical siblings... fight for Mommy's attention. That makes me happy. Sad, eh? They'll both come up to my feet... stand expectantly... and wait to jump up and LET me love them up. Am I coming across too needy???

Sketch time!

So... I decided to do up another sketch this morning. Not sure why. I just felt like it. I hope it brings some inspiration to anyone. Let me know if it does.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2009!
Sometimes time can drag in a way that takes me aback. Yet.. the same time that crawls through painful or dull moments... is that *time* that rushes past, in such a way that leaves me breathless! Today... my son.. my baby. My 16 year old... is working. He isn't home for Easter dinner. So what did his dad and I decide to do? Not have dinner, of course. We couldn't conceive of having it without him. Silly? Maybe in some people's eyes. Thankfully, we stand as partners in this... and decided together... that it just wouldn't feel right. So.. what are we doing together? Watching the Masters, of course. We went to Mass as a family. We followed that up with a lovely buffet brunch... and then we took Dana to work, and Gary and I went and had a hot tub at the Y, and home for the Masters. Not a big day... but a nice one. C'est la vie.

I did do something for you though. What? I did up a new sketch for you. I'm really starting to enjoy making these sketches. I'll keep trying to improve... and send you some great ones. I'd love to see anything you create with it !!! I'd love to post it on my blog! Or go visit your blog to see it! Come on!

Here it is!