Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th 2010 - Loss

My Mom
May 21 - April 30, 1987

We all have them. Those days that are embedded in our heart, and that change us completely. Today is that day for me. April 30th, 1987. I was a young girl when my best friend died. My Mom. If anything motivates me, it's the stacks of pictures and stories I haven't got. It's the stories behind many of the pictures that I can no longer get. It's the pieces of memories I can't get and she can no longer pass on to me and to my son. Each year, as April 30th comes by, I alternately dread it, and welcome it. I dread it for the obvious play of emotions that hit me. I welcome it because it is a connection with her. The only one I can have anymore. Oh.. other than my wedding day. I was married on May 21st because that is her birthday. I felt like it was a way to honour her, and to have her with me that day. I look for ways to have her with me. Two quotes come to mind:

"We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love."
by Baronne Anne Louside Germaine Necker de Stal Stal.
and the other one is:
"I answer the heroic question 'death, where is thy sting' with 'It is here in my heart and mind and memories.'"
by Maya Angelou
April 30th is still such a hard day for me, and yet, here I am... a married Mother, many many years later. You move forward, but part of you remains. At least ... part of me remained.

My Mom was Katherine (Kit) MacKenzie McCarthy. She was such an amazing woman. Lived for her children. Loved her children more than life itself. She lived for her grandchildren, though she passed away before some were even born... including my own child. She was spiritual and kind and intensely sweet and ladylike. Where DID I come from??? And she had no idea about the internet, but she would have loved it!

Mom... meet my friends!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010

Stop That Noise-Making!

I'm just not sure what to do about Beauregard! I joke that he IS the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need.... because there is more than a grain of truth in that statement. But lately... he's also become a chatterbox in the extreme. Not a huge issue when sitting at home. But I take Beauregard to work with me. That's when the issue takes place! Today, for example... my Senior Graphic's guy's wife and son (1 1/2 years old), came to visit. Beauregard, being Beauregard.... let loose. The excitement became paramount! He started to talk... LOUDLY! And I'm not unsure that there wasn't some profanity in there. I'm just saying! The noises that come from this dog are... to say the least... weird. Odd. Loud. And there's no barking. Just sounds that come across like "grubbububub a-errrrrrrr-bebebebe-waaaaaaaaahhhhhbraaaaaaaa uhhhhhh mmmmmmmm ewwwwwmmmmmmmmm braaaaaaa bra bra gra gargar". Said child is now scared, because he hasn't really heard sounds like that... and so loudly. Dog has had his head jerked with the tug that comes with trying to train.... again and still... and he starts to gag, because he does not like head tugging with his leash. And no... I am not gruff or too rough with my puppydoggy. He's my BeauBeau. I AM, however... getting sterner, in the hope that Beauregard, the Mouth Mutt of Mutatious Proportions, can go back to the slightly Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need. That was much easier to deal with. It was quieter and less scary to children. Even though, I KNOW that my Beauregard wouldn't hurt a fly... the little ones don't always know it. I am definitely not into barking collars. So other than that... any ideas on how to stop a chatty puggle from letting loudly loose in my office?????

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday AGAIN?

Who Invited Monday?

Who asked for Monday again? Geez louise. Although... what's the alternative? Hmmm. My day started late. I woke up to see hubby dressed and ready to go. (I hate that) Then I'm always behind the eight ball for the rest of the day. Then, I rushed around, and got myself prepared, while he took my equally late son, to school. sigh. So... here I am at work... chatting up my graphics designer, like neither of us have anything to do, and I'm wishing I was home. It's gonna be one of those days, folks.


There IS some good news! Check out Monday's Challenge right HERE at ScrapTiffany! It's a fun one! It's good for cards/altered work,/ scrapbooking layouts, /whatever! Go check it out, and play. As you know, I've been really into making these cards lately! I don't know why... but I love them. I love that they stand up like a mini layout when you are done! I also LOVE this lattice punch. I punched some papers at Scrapfest, but don't know what the punch is. I need to find out, because I have to buy it. I just bought the Martha Stewart lattice punch, but it's smaller than this one. Beautiful... but smaller. I must get this one. It beautifies whatever you use it on. I think, anyways. Now, as for this challenge, I had a hard time choosing a favourite company, so I finally picked one, and Here is what I did! Do you know the manufacturer of this paper? (for those who don't, I tell you tomorrow)
I love a few different manufacturers. There is some gorgeous product out there! This is just one of them. :)
Movie Critique!
The movie? Date Night. Starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell.
I went to see this Saturday night with my hubby, Gary. OMG. This movie is funny! It's a typical couple who *try* to find time in their busy lives to still be a couple... somewhat unsuccessfully. They do have date night, but like so many of us, it also becomes a bit *the same* after awhile. They still have fun on their date night, but their's no excitement. Just casual good times, and the same good time as the last date night. You know how it is! When they decide to shake it up a bit after their friends tell them they are divorcing, and they head into a popular restaurant in the city, they don't have reservations, and it all goes array. They take matters into their own hands by taking someone else's reservation, when they see that they aren't responding to the call, and they aren't there! That's when things go downhill for them... and uphill in comedy for us! And Tina and Steve? Remind me a bit of an exaggerated version of Gary and I. They just seem like a real couple. It's so funny. We laughed and laughed. You will too. You have to see this movie. Well worth it. I'm not really into Steve Carell's humour, but I loved him in this. Tina Fey too. Just a great DATE NIGHT movie!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

I've HiJacked Another Blog!
Come and check it out! Today, I have the honour of Guest Designing on another blog. Check it out right here! It's a great site, and I left a fun tutorial on the correct way to use blending tools. It's all about this...

Cards, Cards, and More Cards!

Today, on THIS blog, I'm going to share with you some cards that I made. The first one, I made at Scrapfest. I bought the stamps there. I need more stamps. I've discovered a new passion!!! Any suggestions for great Card Sites?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 19, 2010

Scrapfest Baby!!!
I am sooooooooooooooooo tired. Scrapfest is over now... and I am sitting in my livingroom, not yet out of my pjs. I'm just saying. How does a person get this tired by scrapbooking??? Oh yeah. She gets this way... not by scrapbooking..... but by that other past-time that takes place at Scrapfest! SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! whew. And I am tired! They handed out a form to the croppers to describe the Scrapfest Crop in ONE WORD. My word? Shoppalizing, I think, was my word. It was like this:

1. Friday, 9am..... Drag several pieces of assorted crapola through the Aud, and make my way thru registration, fill out ballots, find my friends, then an elevator... downstairs, fill out another ballot, and make my way to my table.

2. 9:15am..... Begin unpacking assorted crapola, until I am completely overcrowded, and overrun in said assorted crapola.

3. 9:30am..... Continue chatting, and not even touch the assorted crapola that is sitting on the table and floor surrounding you.

4. 11:30am.... Begin to scrapbook.... cuz you ARE at a crop... so why not????

5. 12:30pm.... Someone mentions the time, and the fact that THE MARKETPLACE IS NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. 12:31pm.... You kick, shove, push, pull, and bully your way into the marketplace.

7. 12:32pm.... Ahhhhhhhhh. Home away from home. Life is good. It's a potpourri of OTHER people selling assorted crapola that you just gotta have!

8. 1:30pm.... Yeah... you didn't think there'd be anything new THIS early, did you?

9. 2:30pm... Yeah... I discovered in this time period... the amazing ladies of Scrapbook Cards Today... over in the corner... with several different make-and-takes. When I told my hubby about them, he forgets what they are called... and always asks..."Did you do any shake and bakes?" Uh huh... anyway... I spent a fair bit of time with them over the weekend. I learned some awesome things. For example.. I did an awesome Make and Take *Flower*. FANTASTIC! Karen Ellis from The Art House Studio (Go Scrapping) taught it... and wow. I'll use this A LOT!!!!!

10. The rest of the day was spent much as the beginning part!

Saturday 9:20am... repeat as Friday.

Anyway... you get the picture. Loads of shopping... Loads of cropping. Loads of talking. That's what these things are all about. And today? Monday? I started this post on Sunday... but was too tired to finish it. Does that tell you anything? How does a person get so tired by sitting around??? :)

I actually DID get something done, while cropping (in between shopping and talking). Here are my layouts!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Scrapfest is FINALLY HERE!!!!!
... Well... Tomorrow!

And I get to go and play, play, play! I bought my ticket for the crop, last month, and I'm meeting up with my friend, and we're going to have ourselves some fun!!! Yes, we are! Imagine the good times! A large room... 3 feet, of a 6 foot table... just to yourself. Cropping from 8:30am until midnight on Friday... and then again ALL DAY on Saturday. Don't forget VIP shopping and make-and-takes on Friday... and shopping again... ALL DAY on Saturday. sigh. It's gonna be some kind of fun. Truly!!!!!! Yay
I've been scrapping lately. Here are a few of my *things*...
Layout #1 is my cats... Disney and Jaguar! Layout #2 is of my son in Panama. It's based on the song "Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon. (Love that song). When I say Beautiful Beautiful boy... I mean to say it twice for inside and out.

The Cards are just thrown together out of scraps. I'm getting more and more into cards lately. I have to start giving some away!!! lol

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day Off - - MOMMY STYLE!!!

I took yesterday off! But I took it off as a Mom does. Kwim? A man takes a day off, and what does he do? He goes golfing. Hangs out with his buddies... watches some tv... heads to the hardware store... works on his car... You know the drill. Some women take the day off, and go shopping... have their nails done... get their hair done... see a show with the girls... go for coffee with her friends... you know that drill too. Nope. I did neither of those things. I took the day off "MOMMY STYLE"!

So... My son went to his girlfriend's for Easter dinner on Sunday, so I had our dinner yesterday! I decided on Lasagna spread, from scratch. Yummo! I got started in the morning, by cooking the noodles. (nope, I do not buy the oven ready ones, cuz they're too hard). I had them ready by 9am, and then cleaned the kitchen. (I like working in a clean kitchen). Then.. I fed the puggle of ill repute... Beauregard. I cleaned the cat litter, and fed Disney and Jag.. said cats! It's now 10am, and I'm into my second load of laundry, have stripped the beds, and am starting on the bathroom. After the bathroom, I come into the kitchen, and work on the lasagna some more. Things need to happen, and I make it so. By noon, the lasagna is all set, and I am once again cleaning the kitchen, and heading into the livingroom to dust and clean. Then I need to wash the floors. By 1:45, I am throwing in load number 4! And Freshly laundered sheets are being put on the bed. I dig out the vaccuum, and do whatever floors in the house, that are not hardwood or ceremic, or tile. I'm finished by 2:30. I decide to go on an exhibition and discover just what hides beneath the livingroom sofa. Boy... I coulda saved that for a more rainy day. Alas, once discovered... it must be managed. I do that, and then I sit down, where hubby finds me at 3:55pm. He makes the joking remark... "Aha! Caught you! Having a nice lazy day, are you!!!"

He's buried in a shallow grave out back.

Ok.. so he's not. I still need him on occasion, so I let him live. Why? Cuz he's not a Mommy. He doesn't get days off... Mommy Style!

Have you checked out ScrapTiffany's new challenge? It's a Sweet One! I'll leave it at that! Go check it out right HERE !!!!!! :)