Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Wow.  The end of May.  Can you believe it?  The weather has been hot (consistent 30's here)... (which for my American friends is high 80's and beyond)... and NO RAIN.  Ahhhh.  Nice.  It's a busy day today, and the sun is shining.  I love the sun shining, even when I'm stuck at the office behind a desk.  :)  it's all good.  And Speaking of my American friends...
Happy Memorial Day!

My Book
For those of you who have asked, my book is going well. Wouldn't it be nice if we could write our own world?  If we could sit down and type, and change the fabric of our existence?  If it were only that simple!  In a way, when you write, that's just what you do.  It doesn't last, of course... but still... it's nice.  I couldn't sleep last night, and I opened my Macbook Pro, and read a few of the last pages I'd typed, closed my eyes, and started to walk.  I got lost in the journey.  There she was, walking down the street... the night as dark in her world, as it was in mine..but her world was infinitely more exciting... more thrilling... more tiring.  As I walked through this latest adventure, my heart racing, while it waited to discover what would happen next, the character did something I just didn't expect her to do... and poof.  Back I was on my couch, staring at the words, wondering how on earth she'd get herself out of this.  Luckily, I was then tired enough to sleep, and lucky enough to be able to leave that existence in a locked file, and start back into my much less exciting, but much more peaceful place that I occupy.  :)  Still... it would be nice sometimes, to write my own adventure, as easily as I write hers.

Challenge 22
Today is Challenge day at ScrapTiffanys.  Head on over HERE, and have a look at what the Design Team created today, and what the challenge is!  I won't tell you what the challege is.. you'll have to go and see for yourself.  Me?  I had no problem with this one.  Just the opposite, in fact.  LOL  But some people find this a real tough challenge.  How about you?  This layout is called Deep Thoughts.  It's my son.  We were out at a farm, having a party/bonfire, etc.  This old dog was quite a lumbering jack, and Dana sat quietly watching him for quite awhile.  The made quite a pair.  This is my layout. I don't think you can figure out the challenge by this. lol

A Card
I was doing an application for the KaiserCraft Design Team, and I threw this card together.  I love this Kaisercraft paper, and I've used it all up except for a tiny bit.  So I decided to make a card with it rather than throw it out.  I usually keep all scraps anyway, but with the pending move, I'm having to put everything in it's place.  :)  Anyway... I like the card.  Glad I used this tiny piece of scrap for somthing.  It's a very soothing paper.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

My Sketch!
Today, I have a Guest spot on another blog!  It's SKETCHY SUNDAY at ScrapTiffany's!  So come on over HERE and check out the sketch that I did up.  Here's the layout that I did for the sketch. This layout is called "Kato".  Kato was our beloved Australian Shepherd/Australian Blue Heeler dog, that we had to put down 2 years ago.  He was 12 years old, and sick.  Kato was the most devoted of pets.  A gentle, beautiful giant of a dog. The journaling goes like this:  "You were such a Loving, Gentle, Sweet Dog.  You were family, and you were loved."
Gary, Dana and I were sitting on the floor with Kato, while he was put to sleep.  We held him and cried.  We owed him that.  

Go check out ScrapTiffany's!  You'll get addicted to the fun things she has each and every day!

Have to run... Real estate people are showing the house in 1/2 hour.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!
Thank GOD!  And yet.... We are on summer hours  here at the office, and I can't go home.  We have real estate agents coming to show the house tonight, and that means we are out of the house.  :(  Ugh.  That means I have to stay at the office until regular shut down time, and then cook a meal.  And then... I'm off for the weekend.  Not off.. but OFF... Off work.  Off of the big bad world.  ON a nice weekend at home... sitting on the deck, having a beer... relaxing... resting...  Knowing I don't have to go back for a few days... it's very nice.  lol 

Hope my American friends have a lovely long weekend!  Here in Canada, our long weekend was last week. 

A New Layout! 
This is a quicky I did.  Dana LOVED LOVED LOVED stuffed animals.  A bunch of them.  And he had them with him ALL OF THE TIME.  LoL  It was so cute.  He would go to bed at night, completely surrounded by a dozen of them.  And they all meant something to him.  Very funny.  Sesame Street, Barney, regular TeddyBears, Teddy bears with funny clothes and hats, Bananas in Pajamas, etc.  Very sweet.  And of course, his furry Alladin chair was also always a staple.  :)
Here's a new layout that I did.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Can you believe it?  It's Thursday!  However.. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.  So it's kind of a let-down to me.  lol  I feel a bit cheated.  Man.  I didn't even make a lunch, because summer hours, we leave early on Friday.  :(  I thought I'd be home.  Half way to the office it hit me.  OUCH. It's still Thursday.  :(  C'est la vie.  It's been such a long (and short) week... and a bit hideous.  I don't want to go into it.. but let's just leave it at that.  Been quite a week.  :) 

On a positive note... I did a new layout that I like.  It's called You Are Our Life.  This says it all.  My husband and I have lived our life for Dana.  We have never fit him into our world.  We fit our world around this little one.  And it worked for us.  We only had the one, so we concentrated on him.  And he has just been so worth it.  He's always been wonderful, and continues to be wonderful.  As a teenager, he is generous, magnificent, magnanimous, self absorbed, loving, closed up, giving, needy, independant, and a completely robust character.  We love him... completely.. and surely.  Attitude and all.  Because let's face it.  17!  For those of you who have lived through a 17 year old, or who are living through it right now?  You get this.  No matter how amazing they are.... they're 17.  That's a big factor of who you are going to get from them.  LOL  I was never a huge fan of teenagers.  But I gotta say... Teens are spectacular creatures... good and bad... they are pretty great.
Here is my layout...

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary to ME!
Today is my Anniversary.  Hubby and I have been married for 22 years.  Wow.  The significance of the day is that it is my Mom's birthday. She was my best friend.  I lost her when I was young, and wanted to have her at my wedding the following year, and so I celebrated the day on her day.  It was my way of including her.  I'm married to my best friend now.  I'm blessed to have a man who is kind, and sweet, and a wonderful father. He is everything I've ever wanted.  I'm very grateful.  :)

Ok... I've got more things to give away.  And I will.  However.. the stamps up?  Since there were only a few postings... the first one of them that wants it, and posts that they want it.. can have it.  If neither posts, I'll give it to someone else that wants it. 

I have work to do.  Tons and tons and tons of work.  What's new!  Stressed.  Tons and tons ... work.... sigh.

Here is another layout that I did.  It's a layout of my son on Prom day, with his friends and their boyfriends.  My son is the one in the middle (3rd spot) in pic on left with the three couples, and the boy on the right side, in pic on the right with the two couples.  He's a cutey. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday,May 18, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

The Bad
I found out the new home we are about to take (well.. not exactly new.. more like over a hundred years old).. but new to US.. anyway.. I found out it might suffer internet-wise.  I need to make sure about this before we finalize.  Oy.  Internet is necessary to us.  Not only because that's where we play... but that's also where we work!  I need to talk to some people in the neighbourhood, and find out what they do.  I'm scrambling.  I have to work it out today.  That's our deadline.    

The Ugly
IF..... IF I can't work out the internet thingie... I have just over a month to find a house.  A house in a market with very little to offer.  I have to pack during that time period.  I have to work full time during that time period.  And I have to act as if it's all great!  My son is about to graduate High school, and he's under his own stress... as is my hubby.  I also am in the middle of starting another company side by side with our current one, because we are starting a publication.  We are doing this, while moving... home and help.  Meetings, contracts, publications, meetings... it's all crammed into an already overdone day.  Happy Days.  

The Good!
I like to end on a happy note.  LOL  The Good?  Last night hubby and I received a letter.  A letter from the Board of Education.  This letter contained 4 invitations to an evening of Awards.  My son is being honoured with something.  They didn't tell us what.  Just that he is being honoured.  Wow.  In the middle of this chaos and stress, I am left realizing that this world gives us many things.  Never without hills and valleys.  With every stuffy room, a window can be thrown open to let in some fresh air, and a way out of the 4 walls binding you.  With every valley, a hill is around a corner.  Even rain rises eventually.  Life is just like that.

A Giveaway!
Ok.. I can't seem to get this picture to work, so I did a search for the stamps.  I'm pretty sure these are it.  ... so... Today, I'll give  away some clear stamps... Autumn Leaves  Doodle Punctuation by Rhonna Farrer.  If you would like these stamps, say hello, and if you feel like it... tell me what your favourite kit is and/or your favourite site is (other than 2Peas, cuz I'm already there) lol , and I'll post a winner tomorrow.

Thanks guys!  Have a GREAT Day!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Prom!
My little boy!  My baby.  I remember the moment I heard that I was pregnant.  I remember the moment that they brought him into my room when I refused to sleep.  It was 5:00 am, and I just had to have him with me.  I remember moments in time... snippets of grabbed memories that have embedded themselves into my heart and mind, as the most cherished of all.  Moments of laughter, moments of caring, moments of happiness, worry, tears, and yes.. even anger.  The time has gone in a flash, and here I am telling you about my baby and his Prom.  I did up two quick layouts.  I'll be busy doing more!  Here he is.  He is the cutey on the far left.

Check Out ScrapTiffany's Newest Challenge!
Just click RIGHT HERE!  Here is my take on this week's challenge.  Again.. I did it up from my son's Prom this Friday.  :)  You can't see the bling for some reason.  I think I should have photographed it, instead of scanning it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

My House... in the Middle of the BlockI'm Moving!
Moving.  Marvel at the thought!  It's a gorgeous, big older home.  With a spooky basement 100 years old.  Yummy.  I just know there's a ghosty or two in there!!!  :)  I've been in this house for over 17 years, and I'm SOOOOOOOOO ready to move.  
Did I mention that's I'm very very ready to move?
Cuz I am!
My current house is 1,300 sq ft.  That's small!  There's only 3 of us... but it's still small!  My new house?  2,200 sq ft.  Ahhhhh.  It's got a lovely, big kitchen, with a big island.  When I move in... you will see pictures.  Loads and Loads of pictures.

I Promise
I didn't forget my giveaway.  As a result, I'll give away more than one.  Maybe 3!  I finally picked up batteries for my camera.  And I'll do this asap.  I've been so busy, I keep forgetting!!!

It's PROM!!!
Wow.  My little baby.  My Bean.  My little Boo.  He's 17, and today is his prom.  :(  Prom!  It represents such a passage.  The end of childhood, maybe.  Today.. He will head over to his girlfriend's house, and we'll take pictures, and we'll smile.  We'll share a glass of champagne, and then we'll go home and remember.  We'll remember, and we'll reminisce, and we'll wish we could do it over... just for the sheer fun of it!  And then, on the other hand, we'll be thankful that we made it this far, and that he turned out so well.  And we'll take a deep breath and say Thank God!

Say A Prayer, Please!
Will you say a prayer for a young boy in my son's grade who apparently has Bacterial Meningitis?  Very very scary.  He misses prom and all the fun stuff right now... and he is very sick.  It's very sad!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We were not allowed to say a thing about this until today.  Today is the first meeting of Ontario's Education Minister's Student Advisory Council.  Thousands of students across Ontario applied to this committee, and my son Dana was one of 60 students selected to sit on this committee for the next year.  We came to Toronto for his first meeting at Queen's Park today... and I am just busting with pride.  Today, the Press hears about who has been selected, so I am allowed to talk about it.  Dana received an interview call to confirm his selection, weeks ago.  The only person allowed to know about it was his principal.  I was busting at the seams.  How was I going to keep this to myself?  Whew.  I feel like a great pressure has been removed, now that I can bust loose.  LOL  Well... ME.. a Scrapbooker... forgot my camera.  HOW COULD I DO THAT?????   So.. excuse this picture.  It's taken with my hubby's blackberry, in our hotel room this morning.  When we checked in, there was a message for Dana saying... Welcome!  Please meet your host ... etc.. in the lobby, at 8am.  So.. 8am... off he went, dressed to the nines... confident.  At least... seemingly so.  At 17, they can be full of bravado. He's meeting with the Minister now, and I cannot wait to see him in order to hear all about what has happened today.  

Anyway... just wanted to share my happy news with you all today. Thanks for *listening*.  :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's a Good Day!

This morning, my Senior Graphic's Designer (in the background of the picture) came in with a batch of freshly cut Lilacs for me!  Lilacs happen to be one of my most favourite flowers in the world.  I love the smell and the look of these beauties.  Even (or maybe especially) the colour!!!  The soft and various shades of purple!  Who couldn't love that?  All of a sudden, I'm motivated to scrap in this group of shades.  I can't wait to get home and get started!  I'm thinking some lovely sunny cards too!  So, Thanks Jeff... for the Lilacs, the happy thought and start to my day... and for the Scrapinspiration! :)

What's Up ONLINE This Weekend???
It's Friday!!!!!  I'm SO glad it's the weekend!!! I have no scrappy things to do this weekend OFFline, so I wonder if there's anything happening ONline?  Anyone have any fun ideas?  Anything going on this weekend, that would be fun?  If you know of something.. will you let me know? 

My Giveaway!
I didn't forget.  I just forgot to take the picture!  I'll go home and take the picture this afternoon.   With stamps, it's tough to give it away without a pic, cuz people tend to have 9,000 stamps.  lol  So... the giveaway will be posted this afternoon.  It'll last the weekend though, so no worries!!!

An Altered Acrylic Layout
This is an altered layout I did awhile ago.  I've been looking for one of these acrylic hanging thingies for awhile now, and can't find them anywhere.  Do they still sell them?  I really like them, and I enjoy playing with them SO much!

What are YOU up to this weekend? Anything exciting?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I've been working a day ahead all week.  I knew the DAY... but the DATE had me kerfluffled.  That's what happens when the week starts the way mine did. 

A New Layout!
I did a new layout.  I actually quite like this one.  It's a picture of me taken just after I lost my Mom.  A week after.  It's the outfit I bought to go to her funeral.  That's an important note, because I wanted to please her.  It mattered to me a great deal.  :)  I mean.. NOW I think she didn't care.  She was ok.  But THEN.. it was really important.  However.. Here it is!

I decided to try and update my blog.  I came across a great site... and saw that they had some great stuff.  Soooo... I tried to use them.  However... As you can see... it's not working.  Does anyone know how I can get it so that I have a solid background from left to right?  I hate that it's all skinny in the middle. I see other blogs, and I cannot get mine to go like that.  Please????

I have to photograph some stamps tonight.  I'll be giving them away this week... right here.  :)  So you might want to pay attention!! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

What a weekend, I had!!! Ask me why! Oh boy. Just a warning to all of you. We bank online. I went to check online this weekend, to see our accounts, and I could not find my business account. I told hubby... Our business account is missing. He said not to worry, that it was most likely a bank issue, and they would resolve it shortly. So.. off I went to get my shopping done. I returned home to find hubby meeting me and saying... I was wrong dear. I couldn't find it either, so I contacted the bank. They shut our business account down because of fraudulent activity. Somebody had accessed the account... and EMPTIED IT!!! So... yes indeed. As I sit here behind my desk at the office... it's good to know that my entire business account is gone. Empty and gone. Not too stressful. I am just breathing deeply. The bank has told us that they will replace it in the next week to ten days. We just have to hold on until then. lol

On a good note!

Head on over to Scrap Tiffany's for some great challenges! Today's challenge is one I really really enjoyed. I'm not sure that I like the result... so I will do it again. To find out what the challenge is.. head on over HERE and check out Challenge #18! I think you're gonna LOVE it!

One More Thing...
I'm REALLY getting into doing cards. Here are a few more that I did...