Sunday, June 17, 2012


Don'tcha just love moving?
Yeah... me too. It kills me!  But we did it. And we moved from the country... back to the city. I mean no disrespect to those of you who live in the country... but HOW DO YOU DO IT?????  I was fine with the beauty. The people?  Lovely... but ER... VERY nosey.  Did you notice the all caps?  Uh huh. They know every single solitary thing about you.  And that's imperative. They also feel an obligation to share what they know. sigh
Secondly... the internet. I lost friends online, because the internet had me so disconnected.  I couldn't stay connected. And it was costly. And it was s-l-o--o--o--o--o--w!  SO slow.
Here I am, back with regular internet. Back in the city. Back with high speed. And back with paying slightly less that $500 a month to stay connected.  And no... that wasn't a typo.
It was kinda sad saying good-bye to the old house. But the new one is warmer, I think. Theoretically... not actually. We've just felt *at home* from day one.  That wasn't necessarily the case with the old house. Even though it was bigger, grander, and more eye-catching and romantic to look at... it didn't grab my heart. Not like this one does. And I just prefer living in the city.

And the animals love it too! That speaks volumes to me. From the day we moved in, they were happy. As you all know... animals are NEVER happy moving. But my two cats, and two dogs are thrilled. They are comfy here too. It's good when you find a place like this.

So.. here are my good-bye pictures to the old house in the country. We appreciate the nice roof over our heads, but we were ready to move on.....


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I'm glad you're so happy and comfortable in your new home.

Connie Mercer said...

sounds like a win win to me:):) glad your back!!!